NEWS      15. 03. 2024

ITIS Holding is launching the services of the EETS in Slovakia connecting V4 countries via one OBU by the end of the year

Bratislava, 15 March 2024 – ITIS Holding has launched a trial operation of the European Electronic Toll Service (EETS) in Slovakia. The contract with the National Motorway Company (NDS) has set the duration of the trial operation for a period of 3 months. During this period, the processes on the part of both EETS providers and the National Motorway Company itself are to be thoroughly tested on a limited number of customers.

ITIS Holding has already successfully completed the steps required for launching the EETS in the toll domain of Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary. It is expected to complete the necessary process in Poland in the second half of the year.

“ITIS Holding began providing EETS services in the region of Central Europe quite deliberately. A fragmented territory with markets that are orders of magnitude smaller than those in large Western European countries is not attractive enough for some EETS providers. It is not worth for them to go through the time-consuming and costly accreditation process. Thanks to ITIS Holding’s open system solution, the number of EETS providers in this region can quickly increase and carriers can obtain even more attractive offers,“ said Matej Okáli, the CEO of ITIS Holding.

ITIS Holding provides system services for mediating toll payments in the EETS mode in relation to fuel card issuers as well as to other companies providing services for carriers. Using one reliable system provided by ITIS Holding will be more efficient and significantly easier for these companies than developing and maintaining their own solution.

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